Relevant History Screening in DfE

Many people in our school community; parents, grandparents, etc., volunteer at Bridgewater Primary to support their child’s learning.

To make it easier for parents to volunteer their time, the Department for Education (DfE) has updated its Relevant History Screening Policy and Procedures.

As a result, parents who volunteer to directly support their child, or their child’s studio, will no longer require a Relevant History Screening. This means our volunteers are able help out sooner.

A screening is still necessary for parents etc., who are volunteering at school camps and sleep overs (as well as those wishing to host billets or homestay students).

Screening is not needed to attend events or activities at our school. These include concerts, fundraisers, swimming week and sports day.

Screenings are just one measure used to help keep children safe. Everyone who works with children plays a part in child protection, including watching out for inappropriate behaviour.

If you have any questions about screening, please speak with school staff.