Skoolbag App

At Bridgewater Primary School we use Skoolbag to manage most administrative communications with families.

Skoolbag allows us to send you push notifications about special events like excursions or assemblies, and communicate other important information. This app then allows you to submit consent eforms and advise us of payments through Qkr or EFT.

The Skoolbag app is free to download and will work on iPhones, iPads, Androids and Windows 8.1 phones and devices.

If you don’t have a smart phone or device that can connect, or you choose not to use Skoolbag, please let the Front Office know via email and we will arrange the information to be emailed (Skoolmail) to you.

When you first open Skoolbag you can set up your push notifications. Please select ‘Whole School’ and your children’s Studio(s). This way you will get all notifications that are relevant to your family.

Please also take a minute to let us know that you are on-board. Click the eForms option on the front page and select ‘I’m here!’

Skoolbag doesn’t require us to keep up-to-date mobile number lists. If you have the app on your phone you will receive the push notifications that you have selected. If you get a new phone, please remember to download the app.

Push notifications are just for whole group messages, and individual communication will still happen through email, phone or letter.

It is very important you let the Front Office know if any of your contact details change. This ensures we can contact you if your child is sick or injured, absent without explanation, or if there is an emergency situation.

Download the Skoolbag Installation Instructions (Pdf 3.4 MB)