Skills for the 21st Century

We focus on 21st Century skills that help children work with others to solve complex problems and use technologies to be better thinkers, collaborators and communicators.

  • Questioning & Research Skills – So that our children are able to ask great questions, explore other people’s thinking, understand alternative views and make up their own mind about issues that concern or interest them.
  • Student Parliament – Senior students are actively involved in the school and broader community. They have the opportunity to further that involvement through the Student Parliament by joining a Ministry. The work of each Ministry is responsive to interests, needs and opportunities.  Meetings are held once a week, with a teacher’s support, but are organised and lead by students, modeled on the Westminster System of Parliament. Ministries include:

•   Environment
•   Sports
•   Aid
•   Special Events
•   Tourism.

  • Cyber-safety – Senior students learn about, and are expected to practice, safe, respectful on-line behaviour through ICT Use Agreement and learning programs.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Children in Years 4 to 7 are encouraged to bring a personal device to use in their learning. Click here for more information.
  • Film Making – We look for opportunities to engage our senior students as film makers. We want our children to find their passion, to tell a story, to show their thinking, to influence, to entertain, to confront, to amuse, to challenge, and to inspire. We want them to experience the creative aspects of being a powerful communicator using film, without the limitations imposed by complicated technologies.We use film making as an opportunity for children to find their voice and shout out loud to the world.

The Dept. of Education and Children’s Services (DECD) documented some of our children’s research and community involvement as a professional learning resource for teachers across the state.

The following award winning documentaries were written, directed and produced by Bridgewater children. ‘Asylum Seekers’ was featured on The Project, Channel 10.